Why have I not upgraded Trillian before?

For those looking for a full featured, all in one IM client, please consider Trillian. It’s amazing. I have been using the free version for years, and until today, I hadn’t upgraded to the full version.

Now, I have no problem buying my own personal copies of tools. I own a license to Beyond Compare 2, as well as ReSharper. So today I took the leap and bought the full version of trillian for a mere $25….

…and I’m blown away. Off the top of my head, after playing with it for a mere 5 minutes, here are my favorite features of pro:

1. Jabber / GTalk support
2. Windows populated with previous conversation histories
3. Plug-in support, with some really wonderful plug-ins like spell check, weather, RSS feeds, mail, and MSN features.
4. Bonjour support
5. More full featured contact list, including status & icons.

Now, there’s one big thing that trillian is missing:

– IRC w/ SSL support.

But that’s coming, and i’ll hobble along until then.

Also, for all you GAIM fans out there who say that GAIM has all the features above and it’s open source, i say bunk. There’s something trillian has that GAIM really doesn’t: stability.

I have tried using GAIM for about 3 weeks now, and I have had repeatable crashes and bugs happen to me. Believe me, for $25, Trillian Pro is worth it.