'Where I Work' photos finally up with the help of .Mac Photocasting

Since I’m a virtual worker, I work from my home most of the time. However, that can get very boring, so I grab my laptop and head out to somewhere with free wi-fi. A while ago I blogged about taking photos of the different places I work from and posting them.

Well, I finally my setup up and running. One of the nifty new features of my .Mac account is Photocasting. In previous versions of iPhoto, it was easy to publish photo albums via your iDisk. Simply select an album, pick a theme, create some funny captions and you’re all done. Cool, but not very flexible. If you wanted to add more photos, you had to redo everything.

Now with Photocasting, you simply publish an album to your .Mac account, and that’s it. Any changes to your album or photos you add will automatically be publised. Other iPhoto users can subscribe to your Photocasted albums, and they appear right along side of their own albums.

What if you’re not a iPhoto user? Well, you can still subscribe to the feed by using your favorite RSS Reader.

You can find the RSS feed for my ‘Where I Work’ photos under the group ‘Photos’ on the side of my blog. For those of you in feeds, i’ll reproduce it here:

“Where I Work”

Anyone have any ideas on where in Chicago I should work next?