ZapThink Semantic paper offers no answers *UPDATED*

ZapThink has published another research paper, this time focusing on SOA, Semantics, and Ontologies. While on the surface, this paper looks very interesting, upon further review, it’s a wee bit of a sham.

For starters, it’s 4 pages long and costs $195.00 ( or 200 ZapCredits, whatever those are ). That’s $50 a page for what is categorized as a presentation. So you know at least one, if not all, of those pages is based off of a powerpoint presentation.

Secondly, and perhaps more disturbing, is the fact that, by ZapThinks own admission, this “paper” offers no answers. Quote:

“This presentation does not provide answers, but does provide more food for thought for those thinking about building loosely coupled, composable Services in environments of heterogeneity.”

I am sure that the people who published this synopsis meant to say that the paper identifies some major issues for people to think about. However, I can’t help but be drawn to the fact that, after reading the abstract, it sounds like people will have more questions after viewing the presentation than before, and they’ll be $195 poorer.

On the other hand, I too can offer no answers to the SOA direction and semantic future of your company, yet I only charge $100.

Such a deal. Act now.

Updated – Ron from ZapThink has informed me that the content has been updated and that it should have been a subscriber only download. See Ron’s comment below.

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