Adding a Google Sitemap to your Typepad Blog

Recently, I found Google webmaster tools which give you some visibility into your site. You can find problems in your site like broken links and also see some interesting performance stats too.

However, the biggest reason to use the tools is it’s ability to help Google crawl your site better. You can upload a sitemap that tells google about your site so that your site rankings can improve.

If you have a Typepad blog, it’s very easy to publish a site map. However, you need to have a Pro account, since this solution takes advantage of the advanced template feature. I originally found a example template here. However, it didn’t quite meet my needs, so I created my own.

You can find it here.

To install it, just go to your Typepad blog control panel, and click ‘Edit Current Design’. Click the ‘Create new index template’ link, and give the template a name like “Google Sitemap”. In the ‘Output File’ textbox, enter in the file name that you’d like to use for your generated sitemap. For the template body, paste in the contents of the sitemap file found above. Save your new template, and that’s it.

Now, give Google the location of the newly created sitemap, and Google will crawl your site more efficiently.