Dear ReSharper: I'm Leaving you

Dear ReSharper,

I tried….I really did…I tried to use you with Visual Studio.NET 2005, but no it’s official: we’re breaking up. During the courting process ( ReSharper EAP ), you had enough features to draw my eye. Pretty soon, we started an exclusive relationship ( ReSharper 1.0 ) and things were great. Before long it I decided it was time for a change ( I moved to 2005 ). Thankfully, you decided to come with me ( ReSharper 2.0 ).

However, ever since this “new” ReSharper has been around, things have changed. You started to take up too much of my (processing) time. It got to the point where I couldn’t get you out of my ( virtual ) memory ( around 400 MB ). After a while, I needed a break. During another brief courtship, you tried to show me you had changed ( post 2.0 EAP’s ), and after a while, I took you back ( ReSharper 2.0.1 ).

But now, it’s over. We can’t keep having these fights ( crashing ). It’s just not healthy. I know, I know, there are things about you that I love ( refactorings, keyboard shortcuts, etc.. ), but there’s things about Visual Studio.NET 2005 I love too ( actually getting work done ) and you’re making me choose. Unfortunately, it’s not much of a choice. You can’t win against Visual Studio.

I know what you’re going to say. “Visual Studio is the problem“. Perhaps, but without you, Visual Studio is less of a problem ( around 250 MB ). It’s a fact of life that I have baggage ( a solution with VB.NET & C# ), and so you’ve found out my secret: I’m a two language man. I am what I am, and you’re going to have to accept that.

If you can somehow figure out how to becoming less (resource) hungry and give me back more of my (processing) time, then I may decide to take you back. Until then, we’ve had some good times, but I have to get back to work now.



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