Trying out some social sites: LaLa and BookMooch

So today I decided to give some new Long Tail trading sites a try. Today, my first shipment of LaLa shipping materials arrived. if you’re not familiar with LaLa, it’s a CD trading service. You go through their site and add CD’s you’d like to receive to your wish-list. Then, you add CD’s that you wouldn’t mind parting with. If your CD’s appear on someone else’s wish-list, you tell LaLa you’d like to send the CD to the person. Using a special envelope they send you, you unlock the recipients address, and ship the disc off. They take care of the postage. The more CD’s you ship, the more you can receive. Each disc costs you $1.75, which isn’t a bad deal.

So a few days ago, i listed about 30 CD’s to ship, and added about 34 CD’s to my wish-list. All the CD’s I listed were in my shopping cart on iTunes, so they’re a mix of recent and old stuff. Tomorrow, i’ll ship out my first 5 CD’s, and hopefully, i’ll get some in return.

The other site I’m giving a shot is BookMooch. It’s almost the exact same setup as LaLa, except for books. You add books you have to send out to your inventory, and if they match a book on someone else’s wish-list, the ask you to ship the book to them. For every book you add to your inventory, you get 0.1 points, and for every book you ship you get 1 point, and every book you get costs 1 point. Leaving feedback also gives you 0.1 points.

Again, a few days ago, I listed 35 books I have, and a few dozen i’d like from my amazon wishlist. The main difference between BookMooch and LaLa is that BookMooch leaves all the shipping to you. I just got some emails from people who want my books, so I’ll run to the post office tomorrow. The nice part is that you don’t need to wait for the recipient to get the book you send before requesting a book be sent to you.

I’ll be interested to see if this model takes off and if I like it.