Upcoming ACM Talk

I’m giving a talk to the Chicago ACM next month on the 11th at the Chicago Loop campus. They have updated their page to have the current information. The topic is "Domain Specific Languages" , loosely based on my DDJ article.

From the talk abstract:

"Within organizations, software development usually consists of informal domain-modeling sessions with the resulting domain knowledge residing in the heads of key individuals. Trying to translate these vague and intangible concepts (boxes and lines, for instance) into concrete development artifacts (source code) can be problematic not only because of the inherent complexity of the domain and its nuances, but also because implementation details can be left up to the interpretation of the person doing the implementation.

Creating a domain-specific language (DSL) reduces the chance for incorrect interpretation, while providing a reusable and concrete implementation of domain models and domain concepts. However, until recently, creating a DSL has been difficult or impossible for a number of reasons. That’s beginning to change as IDE manufacturers have begun creating language workbenches to aid developers in creating their own custom DSL’s for easy integration into their IDE of choice."

If you’re in Chicago on October 11st, stop on by. But please, if you heckle me and want to throw things, I prefer the large, chewy sweetarts.

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