Being Slashdotted

Well, it happened on Monday. An article that I wrote about two months ago about running Visual Studio.NET under OS X using Parallels was posted to the front page of Slashdot. Good thing I moved my blog a few months ago to TypePad, otherwise my internet connection would have been saturated. The resulting onslaught of traffic went roughly as follows:

  1. About 13,000 PageViews ( According to Google Analytics ). I say about, because I actually think my dashboard on TypePad reset after about 12000 page views. Strange. I had to fall back to Google Analytics ( which I may do a review of in the future ).
  2. My post got onto the front page of and into the popular section.
  3. I was part of LarkWare’s Daily Grind for the second time.
  4. The number of subscribers of my RSS feed went from averaging around 50 a day to almost 900 on Monday.
  5. I was bombarded with people im’ing me and emailing me telling me I was being slashdotted.

Apparently, the range of my intelligence goes from brilliant to me being a danger to myself and those around me. Ha, like I needed Slashdot readers to tell me that….

The only bad part of it was now my stats are skewed. It’s doubtful that i’ll have 13k + pageviews again, so now all of the metrics for my blog point sharply on Monday, then drop off like a stock chart on Black Tuesday. Oh well, I’ll deal.

Sadly, all of the above traffic didn’t result in cash, as apparently slashdotters don’t click ads 🙁

Oh well, I will have to return to the programming doldrums…