I'm giving up on Entourage

That’s it I’ve had it. After 4 months, I’m giving up on Microsoft Office 2004’s Entourage email client.

Let me say this to start out: Entourage’s Project Center is the closest thing out there to a fully functional & integrated solution to GTD for your Mac. I’m in love with it.


Seeing as how the whole point of productivity apps is to enhance your productivity, i didn’t figure that waiting for Entourage to search through it’s 2GB+ memory footprint just to bring up an email wasn’t making me that more productive.

So, I’m falling back to using a collection of apps on my mac. So far, here is my GTD setup:

  1. Apple Mail – fast, easy to use.
  2. MailTags – Integrated tagging for Apple Mail
  3. Mail Act-On – Flexible rules & hotkey accessible.
  4. iCal – Integrates very nicely with the above tools.
  5. QuickSilver – I remember when Butler first came out several years ago as a finder alternative. This is about 100x as powerful. Comes with plugins for all the above tools.
  6. BackPack – Interesting organizational tool that i’m just starting to get my head around. Also has an amazing plugin for QuickSilver.

As for my access to my company’s Exchange server? I’m using good old Microsoft Outlook Web Access. Also, I know Apple’s Mail can access Exchange, but it’s not true integration and it really can’t access a hosted exchange server, like my company uses.

But hey, at least I can finally start to actually get some stuff done.

I’ll post about how I use the above tools a little later. In the mean time, Hawk Wings has a great post about some other tools to get stuff done on the mac.