UPDATED: YouTube, we hardly knew ya

EDITED x3: WOW. You know all those Daily Show and Colbert Report clips you like to pass around? Yeah, they’re gone off of YouTube.

EDITED x2: Oh, and I didn’t even mention YouTube taking down 30,000 videos because a Japanese media company told them too.

EDITED: Yeah, hot on the heels of my experience below, I find this on BoingBoing: YouTube gave user data to Paramount lawyers

It’s starting. Upon reading one of my favorite blogs today, I was directed to a Music Video on YouTube. Lo and behold, said music video has been removed for copyright infringement.

See for yourself here.

I can certainly go on with my day without seeing the video, but this does signal, for me at least, the era that Mark Cuban predicted: YouTube’s most compelling content is going away.

Since most of YouTube’s compelling content is, in fact, copyrighted by someone, this now means that I’m less likely to follow a YouTube link, for fear that the video will not be there, and I will have wasted my time. With even link that turns out to be dead, the likelihood of me going to YouTube’s site will decrease.

YouTube was never about technological innovation. It was always about providing a community to post and share content easily.

Google / YouTube think that people will not only still come to their site, despite lack of content, but also be subjected to waves of advertising ?

In what world does that make sense?