Keith Olberman takes it to the president

As readers of this blog may or may not know, I have a connection to the current military occupation overseas. My best friend of almost 15 years is currently stationed somewhere in Iraq ( he can’t tell me where ). This is his second tour in Iraq. During his first, he was stationed right in Baghdad Airport. He’s an MP, and was recently promoted to the rank of captain at the young age of 25. I try and send him whatever I can. We can only hope he makes it home safely in March.

Unfortunately, I have already lost a cousin overseas. My 21 year old cousin was a sniper, perched in a building that was destroyed one morning. To him, the military gave his life purpose. A life that would have led to jail or worse. My family, while saddened by his death, took solace in this. He was doing something he believed in.

I don’t really post about politics because they’re one of the hot button topics amongst people. However, as the death toll, both us military and iraqi civilians, rises in the recent months, more and more anti-war momentum has been building. Today, I found these clips of Keith Olberman calling out the President in a way that I thought was lost, or at least, not to be seen on network tv.

Watch these videos. There are two parts.