ReSharper makes a stunning comeback

EDITED: Looks like JetBrains is working hard, because there’s already a new 2.5 EAP build out, build 301. The original build described below was their 300 build. Excellent….

My turbulent relationship with the excellent .NET add-in ReSharper from the folks over at JetBrains is well known to readers of this blog.

Well, they’ve gone and done their best to entice me back: they’ve released initial VB.NET support. Yes, that’s right. The proverbial runt of the .NET language litter is now a first class citizen in ReSharper ( how much sense does the name ‘ReSharper’ mean now? ).

With the release of their 2.5 EAP, JetBrains has included initial support for Visual Basic, which they’ve said is read only. However, either they don’t want to officially acknowledge write-support in, or a sneaky developer has gone ahead and fleeced the marketing folks, because the I am experiencing write support. This includes refactorings:

Picture 4

Picture 3

Oh, and did I mention that it’s MUCH FASTER than previous ReSharper 2.0 builds. Looks like my saucy mistress has lured me back….

Read their blog post here or just go ahead and download the new EAP.