Another one bites the dust: A favorite feed goes partial

UPDATE x2: Damn WordPress. 🙂 Apparently, Brett updated to WordPress 2.1 and it automatically moves to partial text feeds. My apologies to the folks over at CircleSix. However, you bloggers with partial feeds still know who you are.

UPDATE: Brett over at Circle Six has responded to my gentle prodding and will be moving back to full text feeds.

I find it sadly ironic that two days after Steven Rubel talks about increasing your blog readership through full text feed, one of my favorite new blogs Circle Six, has apparently decided to go backwards and offer only partial text feeds.

I don’t read partial text feeds for one reason: Trust.

Partial text feeds are meant to do one thing and that’s bring the reader back to their site. Why would they do that? Easy: Page Views. The sites owner wants to increase the number of page views on their site. As soon as a site makes it known that page views are their number 1 priority, they are letting you know that page views, metrics, and ( perhaps ) AdSense are more important to them than people hearing what they have to say. They’re letting you know that the content on their site will be structured in a way as to maximize traffic and hits.

That, my friends, is not a blog.

In fact, it’s only another small step to not even offering partial text at all. Just a headline / title that says “Earn more money now! I’ll show you how…”

That’s not a blog. That’s a pop-up banner ad for a site and I thought everyone hated those?