Chicago ACM: LINQ Presentation

The Chicago ACM has just made an announcement about it’s next meeting. It’s January 10th at the Microsoft office in downtown Chicago. The topic will be LINQ, presented by Dave Bost from Microsoft. Here is the talk abstract:

Modern applications operate on data in several different forms: Relational

tables, XML documents, and in-memory objects. Each of these domains can have

profound differences in semantics, data types, and capabilities. Much of the

complexity in today’s applications is the result of these mis-matches. Dave

Bost, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft will explain how the next release of

Visual Studio and the .NET Framework (code name ‘Orcas’) aims to unify the

programming models

through the introduction of LINQ capabilities in C# and Visual Basic. LINQ,

Language Integrated Query, is a strongly typed data access framework and an

innovative Application Programming Interface (API) for manipulating and querying


Space is limited, so make sure to reserve a spot by emailing Jim Thompson at

See ya there.