Twitter: Mobile is the secret sauce has a interesting post about using Twitter in a more productive manner.

Since I recently started testing out Twitter, I was eager to read it. One of my friends recently asked me what the point of Twitter was. I wasn’t so sure since I was still testing it out. After my initial usage of Twitter and after reading the article above, I think I have found why / how Twitter can be useful.

It all centers around Twitter’s mobile capabilities.

No one’s blow by blow day is interesting enough to warrant minute by minute updates. However, what if I am out, away from my computer, and I need to remind my self of something? Twitter allows me to send a SMS ‘Tweet’ through Twitter. Since all of my ‘Tweets’ are available vis RSS, I can deal with it when I get back home by simply reading my RSS feeds. From there, I can act on it as I see fit.

Time will tell whether this actually proves to be useful. If it doesn’t, I can’t honestly see myself continuing to use Twitter.