Vi Nuts

Jon, the author of the unbelievably useful plugin for Visual Studio.Net, ViEmu, has written a very through introduction to, surprise, Vi !

I love ViEmu and have started to use another one of Jon’s Vi plugin, ViEmu for SQL Server 2005.

I know, day after day, I have to defend my choice of using a Vi plugin for anything, especially .NET programming, so it’s nice to have something to point my coworkers to.

Check it out.

Nofollow tags

I’ve updated my Typepad design template to remove all nofollow tags from the comment section.  So, the link love should start to flow.

To do this on your own TypePad blog, you first need to create your own entry-invidual module following these steps:

1. Click Create New Template Module.

2. Type entry-individual into the Template Name field and entry-individual module from this page in TypePad’s Knowledge Base into the Template Body field.

3. Click Save.

4. Select Individual Archives  from the drop-down labeled Select a Template to Edit: and click "go."

5. Find the line that reads <$MTWeblogIncludeModule module="entry-individual"$> and replace it with <$MTInclude module="entry-individual"$>

6. Click Save

Then, follow the steps found here.

Icons for Social Networking


Picture 1-15

is absurd. This list of icons is found at the bottom of every post at one of my favorite blogs Cool OS X Apps.

Do people really think that makes people more inclined submit their content to these sites?

If you’re already an active submitter to these sites, wouldn’t you already have your own process for submitting content?

The above list of links is just confusing.

Airport Extreme Initial Thoughts

Even though I don’t have any new 802.11n devices, I was eager to replace my aging D-Link 802.11g base station with a new Apple Airport Extreme base station. I had heard that the new antenna, as well as the new 802.11n protocol, would give me increased speeds with all devices, not just 802.11n ones.

After connecting everything and replacing my D-Link hub, I’m proud to say that I am very happy with the new Airport Extreme. The increased signal strength was not exaggerated, as most of my devices increased their reception at least 40%. Some increased 50%. I have an all cement loft, so my signal tends to degrade rapidly the further the device is from the base station.