Adios Parallels

Well, there will be no more Parallels Performance tips coming from me. I have completely moved over to VMWare’s Fusion. I have been using the RC1 release of Fusion for about a month and it’s rock solid and fast. Today, 1.0 came out and it’s even faster.


Ironically, the biggest reason for switching wasn’t even the laughable stability of Parallels 3.0. It was their customer support. A while back, I started a thread on their forum stating that I would be moving back to 2.5 from 3.0 simply because i didn’t feel 3.0 was stable enough or fast enough for my usage. I simply hoped they would improve with news builds. What happened next floored me.

They had the stones to remove my post ( as well as any replies ) from their forums. When I brought this to the attention of the administrators and the other community members, I was told that they would look into it. Nearly a month later and still nothing.

Regardless, I don’t care anymore. Fusion is here, it works, and it’s FAST. I don’t care about fancy features such as opening documents in either os or running my windows apps alongside my mac ones. If I was that in love with windows, I’d be using a windows box.

Add the fact that Fusion lets me still use QuickSilver from with it’s VM and I’m sold.

It’s sad really, though. Parallels was the quirky upstart with first mover advantage, but they messed it all up by going after the flash. A simple search through their forums revels post after post after post about how shoddy their latest builds are and how unresponsive their customer support is. In fact, people who complain are often dismissed or told “tough, parallels works for a lot of other people.”

Oh well. Stay on the look out for VMWare performance tips though.