A little over a year ago, I decided to start using twitter to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly bagged it because I just did not see the benefit of subscribing to the itty-bitty thoughts of a large group of people and I quickly was forgetting to tweet myself. The whole thing stagnated.

However, about a week ago, I decided that maybe it might be time to give twitter another shot. I did so for one particular reason. While I still don’t think that twitter is compelling as a desktop app, what is making me come back is the mobile and local component. A twitter client on my iPod Touch could be a compelling view into what’s happening locally, either here in Chicago or wherever I am. So, I reactivated my account and began to set things up on my laptop / desktop. I started by downloading my old favorite client, Twitterrific and setting it up on my computers.

That was three days ago. Below are photos documenting my entire twitter experience over the past three days:

First up, shots of my OS X client Twitterrific:

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Those photos have been constant. “No problem” I say, i’ll just use the site for a little bit. Well this is an example of what i’ve gotten from their site:


Now, I don’t care what technology they’re using or how many users they have, this is just a joke. You’re sending small pieces of text across the internet. This shouldn’t be this hard right? I mean how many IM services stay up with no problems? Granted, this is a little different, but not my much. We’re talking YEARS that twitter has been out and they’re still having these problems.