Kinda asinine

This is what I get when I right-click on a web project in Visual Studio 2008:

Picture 2.png

That’s, uh, a lot of crap. I have ReSharper & MS Source Analysis installed, but still.

Takes all kinds

So I spotted this in the TWs blog feed. What annoys me about posts like this is this quote:

If your organization’s senior developers write static methods for everything, then you might want to question the capability and desire of your technology leaders to learn, grow, improve and expand their understanding of their chosen profession.”

This is such a blanket, vacuum based statement that it’s pretty useless and almost dangerous. What the author is discounting is the VAST amount of applications and needs that are out there. What is valid and correct in one context could be entirely wrong and detrimental in another. This is akin to saying something like “You should never use stored procedures”.

The real dangerous part is that as more and more people make these kinds of statements, younger & newer developers take this as gospel and don’t think critically about whether is applies to their given situation or not. Thinking like this is becoming more and more in vogue and I’m not sure the cause. Maybe it’s because many more developers have blogs / outlets in which their voices can be heard, so they’re making grand, booming statements. Whatever the catalyst, I’d like to see it make the ability to think critically just as in vogue.

Our ability to adapt and come up with creative solutions, often working within a given set of constraints, is what makes us developers / engineers / etc.. Constraining our thinking and maintaining a narrow view of what we want to do, despite empirical evidence otherwise, will lead to irrelevance, at best, and obsolescence at worst.

Statistic & Econ jokes

Use them to pick up woman at your own risk:

Statistics means never having to say you’re certain.

President Truman once asked for a one-armed economist. He wanted one that couldn’t say “On the other hand…”


In case you haven’t heard yet, George Carlin died last night at age 71. I found out from two different friends texting me around midnight with the news. It’s especially upsetting for me since I have been such a huge fan of Carlins for most of my life. I remember stumbling across his ‘Jammin in New York’ HBO special 15 years ago and becoming hooked. It wasn’t just the lure of the language, it was the poignant, sharp social commentary that drew me to him. Being an impressionable young kid, he was like the crazy, yet brilliant, uncle I never had. Years later, I found out that my grandfather, who died when I was 3, was a huge fan of Carlin. That created a special bond between myself and a grandfather I didn’t get a chance to know.

He’s in the discussion of greatest comedian ever, along w/ richard pryor and lenny bruce. Anytime you can lay that claim, you’ve had a good run. Though I’m not sure that would matter to Carlin. What I admired most about him was the fact that he always remained sharp and relevant. So many people tend to latch onto what they know and clutch that to the bitter end. Not Carlin. In fact, he already had a successful career in the 60’s doing clean, duo based comedy w/ Jack Burns. Eventually, he decided he didn’t like that anymore and completely reinventing himself as a raging hipster comedian, choosing to “work blue“. That gave rise to his now famous “Seven Words” skit.

However, that doesn’t do him justice. His later material on religion, global politics, abortion, race and sexual orientation teetered the line between offensive and brilliant. He felt that we think through language and as soon as you start to constrain language, you constraint thought as well.

His take on the 10 commandments exemplifies his smart and to the point writing ( NSFW ):

If you really want to get your mind blown and see an example of just how ahead of the times he was, check out his skit on (audio NSFW) airport security. Keep in mind that this was years before 9-11. Strangely haunting, if you ask me.

What’s even more haunting was the fact that a few weeks ago, I was excited to hear that he would be coming to Chicago in the fall. I purchased 5 tickets to see him on October 10th and was able to get a bunch of friends to come with me. Most had never even seen his stand up on HBO, let alone live. However, it would be my 3rd time seeing him live.

Now, I’ll just have to remember the previous two times, as we have lost not only comedic icon, but what seems like a great friend as well.

Joe bless you, George, wherever you are (NSFW):