The Upper .5%

Hitwise Intelligence just posted an interesting graphic of how Yahoos properties break down according to US visits:


Now, yahoo owns two of the prototypical Web 2.0 properties in and Flickr. Check out where Flickr falls on the above graph. Number 19. Out of 20. isn’t even listed. It’s confirming the drum that I’ve been beating for a while: We ( technologically savvy internet users ) make up, at most, .5% of internet users out there. The HUGE majority of people our there could not care less about Web 2.0. They simply want technology to solve some of their existing problems, not create cool solutions for problems they don’t have.

To really have an impact, we need to realize that our little circle is really just an echo chamber and start to solve the real, and yes, less sexy, problems of the majority.

Otherwise, we’re just creating dancing baloney.