Annoucing Three's A Pattern

We here at 1530 Technologies Inc. love sports, especially college football. That’s why we’re happy to announce our first official web property, Three’s A Pattern. Over at Three’s A Pattern, we’ll be taking a look at historical sports data and try and see what we can learn or if we can spot any trends. We won’t be making predictions or try and push any specific agenda. We’re going to simply look at the data and see what story it tells. Occasionally, we’ll examine so called ‘truths’ that we hear in sports and see if the data backs it up. Our tag line is:

“One’s a point, two’s a trend, three’s a pattern”

Since we’re huge college football fans, many of the initial posts will be concerned that, with posts about the NBA, NFL, MLB and Soccer sprinkled in throughout. We’re going to keep the topics fun and even though we’ll be using sports statistics, we’re going to keep things light on the math side. That means no talk of regression analysis or probability models. The most you’ll hear is words like ‘correlation’ and ‘mean’.

If you’re interested in sports economics, statistical analysis or sports in general, we think you’ll be pleased with the content you’ll find. Visit Three’s A Pattern via the links below:

As always, if you have any comments or would like us to look at something in particular, please contact us. You can either use the ‘Contact Us’ link in the right sidebar of our blog, the contact form on Three’s A Pattern or simply email us.

Summary for Chicago Semantic Web Group Talk

This past thursday, I was pleased to give a presentation to the Chicago Semantic Web USers Group. The title of the presentation was “Semantics: How You Can Make Up Your Own Truth”. We had another great turnout and I think the discussion was both pragmatic and useful to everyone there. Some people asked me to post a wrap up of the talk, since I went through a lot of semantic concepts / technologies. Many of these technologies were new to the group. So in this post, I’ll go over what I talked about and provide some follow up links where applicable. The hosting facility was again the Illinois Technology Association. They graciously provided a conference room for us to use. If anyone would like more information about becoming a member of the ITA, you can contact them here.
Onto the links:

Semantic Data Technologies:




Commercial Initiatives:

Semantic Tools:


We had a great time, so if you’re ever in the Chicago area, sign up for the group at its page here. You’ll be notified when we have our next meeting. I posted some photos from the talk on the meetup page ( here ). And hey, if you’re inclicned, we’re also always open to presenters, so if you have an idea and want to give a talk, contact either of the organizers at the web page.

Januaury Chicago Semantic Web Group

I forgot to post this earlier in the month, but I’ll be giving a talk to the Chicago Semantic Web User Group this month. Extending last months talk, this month we will cover some more pragmatic concepts in the Semantic Web, with some examples of querying RDF using SPARQL. If anyone wants to come, the details can be found on the meetup page. You MUST RSVP. We are hosting the meeting in a secure building, so we need the names of everyone beforehand. Also, there will be some pizza, beer and drinks, so we want to have enough.

If you’re around Chicago next week and have any interest in the semantic web or just want to heckle me, feel free to stop by. We have quite a few people coming with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. It’s a great networking event.