Textmate Featured I'd Love

Here at 1530, we’re building most of our software using the Python/Django stack. We haven’t been using an IDE to speak of, we’ve been using Textmate. It’s a solid text editor with a lot of features like macros, basic intellisense and SCM support, among others.

One feature I really love is the support for tabs. Not a cutting edge feature, mind you, since almost every IDE and text editor out there has tabs. Since Textmate is really made for people who love to use the keyboard, you can select any tab you want by hitting Apple-<tab number>. While this is good, it’s kind useless in practice since after about 3 tabs, you not longer know the number of your tabs. So when you want to jump to a specific tab, you can either count to figure out the right number or use your mouse. Guess which one is less time consuming?

I would really love to see the tabs marked with numbers so that I know instantly which number to use for which tab. I know this runs out after the first 10, but at least you’d be able to jump to one of those first 10 easily. Besides, the keyboard shortcut only really works for the first 10 tabs anyway.

I was hoping this would be in the much anticipated Textmate 2.0. Unfortunately. it looks like development on 2.0 has stalled, so I’m probably not going to get my wish. Anyone else have any tips for easier tab navigation ( besides Option-Apple-Left/Right ) ?