Usability With Web Apps

As I start working here at 1530 Technologies, I’m starting to see just how important it is to keep usability in mind.

For example, the registration process can make or break any web application. If there are too many steps involved in getting registered and if the user is not dead-set on the product, they may lose interest. I implemented two such usability improvements on one of the apps we’re working on:

  • If a user has already registered to use our service and they are not logged in, he’ll see the initial information/sign-up page. If the user inputs his name into the email sign-up form, he will be redirected to the login form with the login already filled in. This helps to reduce the amount of clicking and typing that a registered user has to go through to access the web application.
  • When a user signs up, they receive an email with a link to activate their account. Clicking on the activation link in an email will activate their account, but it will also log them in immediately (instead of having to log in manually). If a user has just activated via that unique activation url, it makes sense to automatically log him in. This also reduces mouse-clicks, typing, and time (that the user needs to look for the login form.

Given my limited knowledge, I think these are simple usability tweaks that anybody could integrate into their page. Good Luck!