LaunchBar Delicious Search Template

I love LaunchBar. I’ll do a bigger, much longer post in the future. But I wanted to shoot out a small tip for those other LaunchBar users out there. if you’re familiar with Search Templates in LaunchBar, you know that by default it’s missing a Delicious Search Template to search your bookmarks. Well, it’s easy to add one.

  • Open LaunchBar and open up your LaunchBar index (Option-Apple-I).
  • Select ‘Search Templates (UTF-8)’ on the left.
  • In the resulting pane, click the ‘Add…’ button at the bottom.
  • Type ‘Delicious’ for the name and past this text:*&context=userposts%7CYOUR USERNAME%7C

    Obviously, replace ‘YOUR USERNAME’ with your Delicous user name.

Now, when you bring up LaunchBar, start typing ‘delicious’. When the current item changes to ‘delicious Search Template’, hit space. You can now type in a search term(s) and hit enter to bring up the Delicious search page for your bookmarks.