AB Testing Resources & Chicago Startups

Last week, I gave a talk to the Chicago Lean Startup Group about getting started with Landing Page AB Testing. I skipped right over a powerpoint presentation. Instead, I went through a ton of web sites and examples of how to get started, even if you’re missing some critical skills.

Here’s the list of products & service that we went through for AB Testing:

Quirky – Company that creates products by crowd sourcing design and implementation.

Design Help

  • CrowdSpring – Spec out design work and get back crowd sourced solutions.
  • Sortfolio – Designer site from 37Signals.
  • Theme Forrest – Free / Low cost psd templates.

Design -> Implementation

  • ShopHTML – Convert any PSD to HTML Cheaper than PSD2HTML, but less of a straight forward process. Make sure to read the FAQ with regards to delivery time. Also, be very specific about how you’d like the finished product to look.
  • PSD2HTML – Convert PSDs to HTML. Costly, but good rep.

Ad Networks

Ad Optimization

  • PPC Hero – Get some tips on working with your Ads

More Info on AB Testing

Measure & Optimize

Landing page & Closed Loop Marketing

User Experience Testing

Internal AB Testing for App Features

We also had a great presentation from Jake Lumetta about his new startup, WinkVid. He was kind enough to post notes about the process they’re currently going through with regards to Customer Development.

Sean Corbett also talked about ScaleWell and the good work they’re doing to help out small startups. Zishan Ahmad gave us a little introduction to the Tech Scene movement that he’s heading up, paying special attention to Chicago, of course.

The response was fantastic and from what I understand everyone had a great time. If you’d like to come next month, make sure to join the meetup group. After the meetup, we always go to the bar to grab some drinks and trade stories, so it’s always a good time.