Building Software You Need

All too often, software developers take ( or are forced to take ) the kitchen sink approach when adding features. Over the lifetime of a program or site, features are rarely, if ever, removed, only added. This despite the fact that every added feature increases the complexity and maintenance requirements exponentially. People should simply Write Less Code.

In that spirit, I found this post by Manton Reece very insightful. He talks about surveying his users to find out what they use. However, for me, here’s the money quote:

I eventually did remove a feature, and the survey to customers served as a nice sanity check that the feature wasn’t heavily used. The interesting part, to me, is that the feature I removed was the entire 1.0 product for Wii Transfer. Literally everything that 1.0 did is now gone.

Quite sobering. How many features of YOUR app are actually used?