Faux ‘going green’

It seems like you can’t go anywhere today without someone mentioning ‘going green’ as a way to help the environment. while it’s an admirable attempt, most peoples strategies are similar to ordering a diet coke at mcdonalds because they’re on a diet. in the end, you’re still at mcdonalds.

Yes, recycling your garbage is good. yes, buying stuff with less packaging is good. but you know what’s better? buying less shit. want to throw away less packaging? want to reduce the amount of garbage you throw away? stop buying useless crap. dvds, cds, books, clothes, electronics, furniture, magazines. just stop. if you really want something like that, wait 30 days. if you still want it, buy it. more often than not, you’ll find yourself forgetting about it in the first place.

Many of the going green initiatives are simply ways to charge you a bit more for a bit a bit less. instead of car pooling, go for a walk. instead of buying a new desk, look for one at a garage sale or antique store. instead of buying new books, borrow them from a library or book swapping web site.

If you’re serious about going green, commit to it. seriously reduce, don’t just fake it by buying things with reduced packaging.