Goodbye Facebook

This weekend i did something that i’ve been slowly inched towards for the past few months: i deleted my facebook account. this started several months ago by slashing my friends from 200 to 100 to under 70. when i originally signed up, i made two rules: only personal friends would be allowed ( no biz contacts ) and only people i’ve met in person.

What i found out was that those rules weren’t enough. soon i got leeched in to friending old grade school classmates, then my gfs friends and then old college friends. finally, the dam broke with my first hs friend. since my hs was very small ( under 400 people total ), everyone knew everyone else. so one friend quickly morphed into 70. suddenly, i’m pulled back into the old, uncomfortable world of tenuous relationships that i thought i left behind over the years. you have to watch what you say because sally might see it, etc…

What started as a chance to make communicating with family and friends easier transformed into a virtual dinner party, where everyone exchanges vacuous small talk. plus, frankly, there’s a reason why i still only talked to the same two dozen or so people on facebook that i do in real life: they’re my friends and we have stuff in common. so i’m reducing the noise in my life and focusing on what’s actually important.

Not mentioned above is all of the crappy ways facebook is currently operating. that was just icing on the cake. I’ve written about how facebook is trampling all over peoples privacy. yes, you can turn most of it off. that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just a slimy way to act.