Upcoming Talk: Lean Software Development

Just a quick note that I’m giving a talk on June 9th.  It’s called “Trimming the Fat: An Into to Lean Software Development.”

Here’s the description:

Everyone is talking about Lean. Lean Startups. Lean Software Development. Waste elimination.  Kaizen. Kanban.  Value Stream Mapping. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but what do they mean? How are they related?  More importantly, how do you separate the snake oil from the usable pieces? While lean can be an alternative to typically iterative based software development processes, it’s supporting principles can be used to improve existing processes.

Different than just a re-application of lean manufacturing principles, lean software development is a carefully crafted set of principles and processes that allow you to mold your production process around achieving one thing: flow.  By optimizing flow through your development process, you can achieve increased levels of output not possible with traditional processes.  Without forcing you to adopt an entirely new development process, you can use lean principles to craft and optimize not only how you schedule software deliveries, but also how you deliver them.

This is for the Chicago ACM.  Please RSVP here.