On The Intern Hunt…Again

Last year, I went looking for an intern and I found an awesome one. Unfortunately, I soon lost him a little company called Apple.

Lucky for me, business is booming. So, I’m looking for another one. Only this time, it’s not only for 1530 but for A Part-Time CTO as well as a new, soon-to-be announced company. In short, there’s lots of stuff to do.

I’m laid back and looking for someone who wants to grab opportunity by the neck. I have a dynamic environment with lots of opportunity to spread your wings and get a feel for what you like to do. You’ll be working with very experienced people and given the opportunity to grow as the company grows. The ideal person will be in Chicago, IL, but I’m flexible for the right person.

I’m looking for either a web / graphic designer, a developer or both.

We are:

  • A small, bootstrapped startup based in Chicago
  • Building products covering different areas, including sports & analytics
  • Working on desktop web apps, mobile web apps and mobile applications.
  • Focused on building products for real people & solving real problems.
  • Working with a wide range of technologies like Django, .NET, and Objective-C for iPhone / iPad development.

You should be:

  • Passionate about technology
  • Available at least 10-20 hrs a week
  • A Good Communicator
  • Fluent in English & able to work in the U.S.

Designers should:

  • Have a knack for style and be a little edgy

Developers should:

  • Have some web development skills and/or iPhone skills or want to learn.

Pay is also negotiable. Though, to be honest, you might be paid in KidRobot gear.

If you’re a budding novice looking for a taste of the industry or an experienced hack looking to use some new technologies, drop me a line and we’ll talk.