2 years later, this blog is changing again

A little more than 2 years after changing this blog to cover my company, 1530 Technologies, Inc., I’ve decided to pull it back to a more personal blog. Why?

  1. It was getting tougher to remain completely business focused without disclosing too much about clients and other interactions. There’s also a wide range of topics I want to write about that don’t fall under the 1530 Technologies, Inc. umbrella.
  2. I missed the cathartic release that writing for the blog provided. Once something is business focused, much like when money changes hands, it changes the relationship you have. In this case, the every post on the blog came with a constant, internal struggle over whether the post was appropriate or not.

So there it is. If you’re seeing this post through a Feedburner feed, no need to change. These are still the main feeds to use:

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Alternatively, if you’re seeing this post through the old Memoirs feed, I’ll be retiring it in 30 days, so please change over to one of the feeds listed above.