How the iPad Wants to be used

Fraser Speirs:

The iPad is an intensely personal device. In its design intent it is, truly, much more like a “big iPhone” than a “small laptop”. The iPad isn’t something you pass around. It’s not really designed to be a “resource” that many people take advantage of. It’s designed to be owned, configured to your taste, invested in and curated.

I couldn’t disagree more. Not with the idea that the iPad can be the device he describes above ( it certainly can ), but with the idea that it cannot be the exact opposite: a completely social, shareable device. I have a close friend who was excited when the iPad was announced because he saw it as just that: something you pass around and share with people. A laptop was never ideal for sharing anything with friends, whereas the iPad fits that need to a T.

I can tell you that when I have more than 1 person over, the iPad is within arms reach. It’s an argument settler, an gaming device and a time killer ( especially with Flipboard ) all in one.

( via DF )