<— What the heck is that?

I previously mentioned that this blog would be changing a bit. As mentioned, one of the changes would be in the subject matter. Since I have a lot of stuff going on not related to 1530 Technologies, Inc., I wanted this blog to reflect that.

The other change is with the style of this blog. I’ve long had an affinity for the style of Daring Fireball. For a while, I’ve thought that his combination of links & articles would suit me and my writing style. I finally got around to reconfiguring things to come more in line with that setup.

Which brings us to the μ you see in the headline. That symbol denotes a regular blog post of mine. If a RSS feed entry doesn’t have that in the title, it’s a link to somewhere else. You’ll also find it at the bottom of link posts, acting as the permalink.

Why μ, greek letter Mu? Two reasons:

So that’s it. Hopefully that clears some things up and isn’t too confusing.