Why I’m not looking for investment

Pete Warden:

That’s still a worthwhile use of time if the funding is going towards rocket boosters to strap onto a killer idea. I don’t think it’s lack of confidence that’s telling me none of the approaches I’m working on has crossed the threshold where it’s worth it though. There’s funding available, I just don’t think the strings attached make up for the help. Better to live frugally, consult when I have to, and focus on learning. The more progress I can make, the more I can learn before I need to buckle in to the rocket sled, the better. I’m looking forward to honing my ideas until I can build the real business I dream of, whether that’s fully boot-strapped or with the help of investors.

Wow…If I could distill my business direction into one paragraph, that’d be it.

Update: Just to show you this isn’t a rail against investment, Pete follows up the linked article with what he’s missing.