Entrepreneurship And Making Your Bed

I haven’t worked from an office in almost 6 years. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet, I understand that working remotely or without the social interaction an office provides isn’t for everyone. Truth be told, it’s tough to keep focused or motived 100% of the time. There’s always one more hour of sleep to catch or one more web site to check out.

One of the ways that I keep myself on track is to have a simple routine that I follow everyday. It’s not a huge task list or anything, just little habits that I make sure to run through, with each one providing a little *oomph* during the day. To me, it helps to focus and gets me motived.

In addition to providing motivation, a side effect of having a routine is that it enforces discipline. There’s a snowball effect with everything you do during the day. So if you focus on doing small, positive things, they’ll aggregate together to have a positive effect on other areas of your life. The same is also true for negative things aggregating up into a larger, negative effect. It all really adds up in the end.

One of the easiest places to get started is where you start & end every day: your bed. I make my bed every morning. That’s it. It only takes a few minutes. But in those few minutes, I’m doing what I need to do throughout the day: following through with a task. In a nutshell, being able to follow through with something, without someone else making you do it, is a big part of entrepreneurship.

I’m always surprised at how much those few minutes mean over the course of the day. Once I started to do that every morning, I started to look for other little things to clean up, fix to take care of. Now I have half dozen or so things that I do before I start work. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment before I even really start my day. I sit down or head out, ready to tackle whatever I need to.

It make sound simple or childish, but it works. Now, I have to go and make my bed.