You pay for the product or you are the product.

This article from Pinboard regarding their experiences in the wake of Yahoo ‘sunsetting’ Delicious has been tearing up the internet all week. It’s a great account of the technical challenges they faced. However, my favorite tidbit was this quote:

Your customers will appreciate that you have a long-term plan that doesn’t involve repackaging them as a product.

Some people don’t mind this. Me? I can’t stand it. I gladly pay for software, services and support in lieu of being aggregated up into a list of sorts.

Create The Job You Love

Great look into the emerging convergence of stats, analytics and sports worldwide.

Of particular interest to entrepreneurs out there was this quote from Boston Celtics Asst. GM Mike Zarren:

He believes his fanaticism helped ease any front-office skepticism about analytics. “There wasn’t a spot here that I filled,” says Zarren. “We created it.”

That’s the drive that every entrepreneur should have. Stop waiting for permission to be awesome.

Googles Semantic Based Recipe Search

More semantic goodness being used:

the entire search is built on structured data that webmasters have built into their webpages using markup code that’s invisible to humans but is extremely useful to machines. The dream of the so-called semantic web is built upon the idea that web pages will be full of such underlying tags so that search engines can parse a webpage to learn someone’s e-mail address or know exactly what a restaurant’s operating hours are by scanning underlying code invisible in the browser.