“the chickens”

If you don’t follow world futbol, something huge happened this weekend. The biggest club in Argentina ( and an solid, overall world club ) River Plate, was relegated to a lower division for the first time in its 110 year history. This is huge news and would be like the Yankees moving down to AAA next season. Why the fall?

Since its last championship in 2008, River has tried to reinvent itself from scratch after every setback, churning through two club presidents, six different coaches and 64 different players. Its management’s desire for a quick fix and need to service its $19m in debt has caused it to sell off young talent prematurely and place too much faith in washed-up, overpaid veterans.

Churn kills.

Roger Ebert on ‘Transformers: DOTM’

Opening paragraph:

Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is a visually ugly film with an incoherent plot, wooden characters and inane dialog. It provided me with one of the more unpleasant experiences I’ve had at the movies.

Talk about NOT burying the lead.

Diversification for Success

The Urbanophile on success:

One, overly focused solutions, while en vogue in some B-school theory, is heavily vulnerable to niche exhaustion. Overspecialization leads to death. So unless your plan is to get in and get out, it’s risky. You at least need to be constantly examining when the likely end date is. Two, that means to increase your chances of having long term staying power, you should be placing some bets on the new, and probably some diverse bets, spreading some money around the table instead of piling on the chips on Red 14.

That’s basically how’ve I’ve been running 1530 since the start. It sounds strange to a culture of entrepreneurs weened on the idea of pouring your soul into an idea, hoping to hit that home run. We’ve built two apps in that time and killed them both.

However, funny enough, this isn’t me:

I have a friend who owns a software company. The keep building small software as a service applications and seeing whether they get take-up. They idea is to try a lot of different things and see which one hits rather than putting too much investment in one big thing. Given the low cost of entry for web applications today, this is a smart move.

The Awesomest Platform Ever

We have a world-first technology platform, 2 years in the making, that answers broad and open-ended natural-language travel queries insanely fast. All we need now is an amazing UI.

World-First? ‘All we need is an amazing UI’ ?


Betting The Farm

From Software Bootstrappers FAQ, Episode One:

Q: Aren’t entrepreneurs suppose to have a high appetite for risk?

A: Only the very lucky ones or stupid ones or both that make risky bets. Most successful entrepreneurs are risk averse. Yes, they do take risks, but the risks that they take are calculated and have much bigger upside than the downside. They also ensure that upon failure they can still pick themselves up to fight another day. No “betting the farm” attitudes here.

It’s mostly the media that romanticizes the risk-it-all-against-the-world entrepreneur stories. By extension, that’s why most people believe you have to be insane to start your own business. Because they have this type of entrepreneur in mind.

The New World Order

David Hobby from Strobist on the future for photographers:

If you are still thinking, “Who will pay me to take pictures?” you are heading down a very, very competitive path. Better to think, “What can I explore, define and create with my camera that will create value?” And then, “How can I monetize that value?”

Sound advice for everyone, not just photographers.