Sacha Greif on Discounts

Don’t ask for a discount. If you don’t have enough money, just scale back on your requirements until you can afford me (or find someone cheaper).

Reminds me of what I tell most first time entrepreneurs:

Work for free or a full price but never cheap

The P in PIGS Has Their Debt Rating Slashed

Portugal’s debt rating was just cut by Moodys to junk status. Naturally, the only thing to do is cut social spending and start aggressive privatization:

The new government has also shelved several infrastructure projects, including a new high-speed train link between Lisbon and Madrid, as well as pledged to speed up the privatization of state-controlled companies.

A critical step in socializing debt & privatize profits.

Transformers: Asshole

Film Freak Central topping Roger Eberts previously linked to review of Transformer: DOTM:

Thinking is pretentious, and Transformers: Asshole is good, all-American, Patriot Act and Internet-smut fun that will send your handsome white sons off to die in war, armed to the teeth with all the metal-fetish, extreme xenophobia, and sexual frustration this film can pump into them.