“Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something”

To Gianforte, though, that kind of improvisation isn’t really bootstrapping. Not the heart of it, anyway. Bootstrapping is both bigger and simpler than saving a dime whenever you can. If you boiled down his philosophy of bootstrapping, it would run something like this: lack of money, employees, equipment — even lack of product — is actually a huge advantage, because it forces the bootstrapper to concentrate on selling to bring cash into the business. There’s an expression that Gianforte likes to quote: “In war you’re either making bullets or shooting bullets.” In other words, for the bootstrapper, business is all about just two things: making product and selling product. It’s not hard to see which one is closer to Gianforte’s heart. “Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something” reads the sign in his otherwise spartan office.

Most entrepreneurs go as long as possible NOT believing that.