Wall Street & The Mafia

Last year, the two leading recipients of public bond business, clocking in with more than $35 billion in bond issues apiece, were Chase and Bank of America – who combined had just paid more than $365 million in fines for their role in the mass bid rigging. Get busted for welfare fraud even once in America, and good luck getting so much as a food stamp ever again. Get caught rigging interest rates in 50 states, and the government goes right on handing you billions of dollars in public contracts.

Now as a requirement for change

Whenever I want to make a change in my life, I always pause and reflect on it. If I’m still thinking about it days ( or weeks ) later, chances are it’s a worthwhile change.

I meet a lot of people who want to make similar changes to their lives, but they focus so intently on the now part. They want to start a company doing X now, they want to lose a ton of weight now, they want to read a certain book now.

Now, now, now.

The focus on now is a dangerous one. It implies that there’s a expiration date on whatever you’re doing and if you don’t act quick, it’s going to be gone.

If it’s a business worth building, it will be worth it tomorrow. If it’s a relationship worth having, it’s going to be worth it tomorrow. If it’s something worth purchasing, it will be worth it tomorrow.

You half assed it.

Great post from the creator of PhoneGap:

At the end of the day, good software developers produce good software, and poor ones create poor software. Pull up your socks, learn the strengths and weaknesses of your tools, and do what it takes to make your product great.

Your Coding Philosophies are Irrelevant

pick a single tool or game or application you admire, one you don’t have any inside information about. Now just by staring hard at the screen, determine if the author favored composition over inheritance or if he’s making rampant use of global variables.