Chris Dixon on agency problems:

As you go higher in the organization, the incentives are more aligned with the firm’s incentives. But knowledge and authority over operations often reside at lower levels. Deciding what level to target involves nuanced trade offs.

Incredible Marketing Device

While walking in NYC this weekend, I noticed the Camper SOHO store had an incredible hook for bringing people in. This is the street view of the store as you’re walking past it:

camper street view soho

No products in plain view. The store view is this:

camper store view soho

How freaking cool is that? You get so intrigued by the display you have to go into the store to take a peek. Really cool execution.

DJ Jazzy Jeff on Technology

You got to embrace it. You got to embrace it. I told this story a million times. I bought my mom a microwave a long time ago. My mom never took the paper out of it. She sat it down, and put a flower pot on it. I went to her house for Thanksgiving one year, ate, chilled out, and went back for seconds. I put all the food on my plate, opened it up, took the paper out and she was like, ‘don’t use that.’ I put the plate in, put it on for 3 minutes, it came out piping hot, and my mom was so amazed. ‘Oh my god, this is amazing.’ I always say, you can’t be my mom and the microwave. That to me, that’s the reason why there are so many old bitter DJ’s, just because you think that everything stops at your time frame. You have DJ’s that don’t want to embrace social media, and then they’re sitting back like, ‘I don’t understand why I’m not getting any gigs.’ Well, the business model has changed. Unless you embrace it, it’s not going to happen.

Good advice for every industry, DJ and otherwise.